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The idea is to have a DokuWiki namespace for each of our major projects, maybe resembling the directory structure of the main Openwall website - e.g., we could have namespaces Openwall GNU/*/Linux user community resources and John the Ripper user community resources. Then users of our software and Openwall team members could populate those namespaces with relevant content.

If you have something relevant to share, please register for an account, log in, and edit away! Another reason to register for a wiki account is to be able to subscribe to e-mail notifications of changes to specific wiki pages (e.g., the john-users mailing list excerpts page may be a good choice if you're into JtR). You do this by clicking the “Subscribe Changes” button (only seen when logged in) at the bottom of a page.

Software project specific resources

Other projects

  • HPC Village - our hybrid HPC machine available for the wider Open Source community

Other resources

Contact information

If you experience any problems with this wiki setup (e.g., with new user registration or content editing), or have suggestions on improving it, please contact us at wikiadmin [at] openwall [dot] info.

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