Openwall's Summer of Security

Openwall participated in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and we worked with many great students under the GSoC program. However, many more had applied, and we wanted to work with some of those who we couldn't accept specifically under the GSoC program. Thus, our own Summer of Security program was born, inspired by similar programs run by some other GSoC mentoring organizations. 1)

Please take a look at our project ideas. To apply, please e-mail us at the address given on our application template page.

Initially, we intend to focus on GSoC students who we would have accepted under slightly different circumstances, but anyone else is welcome to apply.

This program is not limited to enrolled students, age groups, etc. The only requirement is that the applicant should be able to make relevant contributions without drawing too much of our resources (that is, contribute more than require assistance with learning our stuff). Of course, this may not be known in advance (or at all), but we ask applicants to estimate their ability to efficiently contribute to their project(s) of choice.

Also, we're open to non-code contributions, such as documentation, tutorials, artwork, testing, assistance to users and to other contributors.

We intend to announce the successful participants along with their specific contributions, and they will be able to mention having completed the Summer of Security program on their CV. We're also going to send them free Openwall or John the Ripper t-shirts.

Any suggestions/requests are welcome. Also, we welcome help in running the program - e.g., is anyone willing to help us produce and mail our own printed certificates for the program, like those the Season of KDE has?

1) The name Summer of Security was suggested by Donnie Berkholz of Gentoo; we've since learned that this name was also used for a third-party event in 2009, but we feel that this does not prevent us from using the name.
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