Solar Designer's pseudo homepage

Welcome to the pseudo homepage for Alexander Peslyak, better known as Solar Designer, who is in turn possibly best known as the founder of the Openwall Project.

I intend to use this space not only as my "Openwall person card", which is actually found on my bio page rather than right here, but also in lieu of a personal website/homepage.

Although I have written or co-authored most of the software released under Openwall, I am using this personal wiki space to publish a few extras:

Recently, I also added a page with an Ardent Titan vector computer code sample, which I think is of historical value. It's not about something I did, but rather it's some rare files that I happened to have lying around and decided to share with the world (after unsuccessfully trying to Google up something “sufficiently similar”, which convinced me that this stuff was indeed rare).

International Journal of PoC || GTFO issues

PGP key. I'm also @solardiz on Twitter.

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