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I think that this wiki page/section should contain primarily simple stuff aimed at typical end-users. I envision these tutorials as step-by-step guides or examples for specific use cases - e.g., auditing passwords on a Windows system (that's one tutorial), then auditing passwords from various Unix-like systems and Windows on a Linux system (that's another tutorial). And I do mean step-by-step - e.g., start with downloading JtR, compiling it (if applicable), downloading pwdump6 and running it on a Windows system with output to a file, scp'ing the file, and so on… More specific and with greater detail than that found in the official documentation for JtR. Some overlap with the official documentation (such as with doc/EXAMPLES) and between multiple tutorials is no problem. Right now, this page mostly links to external websites, which is OK, but I would actually prefer that tutorials be written right on this wiki, with new pages created under this “tutorials” DokuWiki namespace. - solar

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