Sample password hash encoding strings

This wiki page is meant to be populated with sample password hash encoding strings and the corresponding plaintext passwords, as well as with info on the hash types. Relevant file formats (such as /etc/passwd, PWDUMP output, Cisco IOS config files, etc.) may also be mentioned.

See How to produce test hashes for various formats for how to generate arbitrary hashes yourself.

Hash type Username
(if used as salt)
Hash encoding
(often includes salt)
Plaintext Support in JtR “Format” name Default on Also supported on
DES crypt rEK1ecacw.7.c password yes des ancient Unix-like, recent Solaris all Unix-like, PHP 5.3.0+
BSDI crypt _J9..K0AyUubDrfOgO4s password yes bsdi BSDI BSD/OS all *BSD, some Linux, PHP 5.3.0+
bigcrypt qiyh4XPJGsOZ2MEAyLkfWqeQ passphrase yes (split) des ? HP-UX, OSF/1, Digital Unix, Tru64
crypt16 qi8H8R7OM4xMUNMPuRAZxlY. passphrase 1.7.6+ if supported by the underlying OS (have to add -DHAVE_CRYPT) crypt ? Ultrix
MD5 crypt $1$O3JMY.Tw$AdLnLjQ/5jXF9.MTp3gHv/ password yes md5 FreeBSD, NetBSD, many Linux, Cisco IOS OpenBSD, almost all Linux, PHP 5.3.0+
SHA-256 crypt $5$MnfsQ4iN$ZMTppKN16y/tIsUYs/obHlhdP.Os80yXhTurpBMUbA5
1.7.6+ if supported by the underlying OS crypt recent Ubuntu, recent Fedora glibc 2.7+, PHP 5.3.2+, some Solaris 10+
SHA-512 crypt $6$zWwwXKNj$gLAOoZCjcr8p/.VgV/FkGC3NX7BsXys3KHYePfuIGMNjY83dVxugPYlxVg/evpcVEJLT/rSwZcDMlVVf/bhf.1
1.7.6+ if supported by the underlying OS crypt recent Ubuntu, recent Fedora glibc 2.7+, PHP 5.3.2+, some Solaris 10+
bcrypt $2a$05$bvIG6Nmid91Mu9RcmmWZfO5HJIMCT8riNW0hEp8f6/FuA2/mHZFpe password yes bf OpenBSD recent *BSD, some Linux, Solaris 10+, PHP 5.3.0+
LM (LanMan) 855c3697d9979e78ac404c4ba2c66533 passphrase yes (split) lm Windows NT, 2000, XP; Mac OS X 10.3 Windows Vista, 7; Samba
NTLM $NT$7f8fe03093cc84b267b109625f6bbf4b passphrase Pro or jumbo patch nt Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7; Samba ?
Mac OS X salted SHA-1 0E6A48F765D0FFFFF6247FA80D748E615F91DD0C7431E4D9 macintosh Pro or jumbo patch xsha Mac OS X 10.4+ ?
Netscreen admin admin$nKv3LvrdAVtOcE5EcsGIpYBtniNbUn netscreen Jumbo patch needed md5ns All N/A
Oracle USER
Jumbo patch needed oracle Oracle 10 Oracle 11g
DDIC                                    $C94E2F7DD0178374

(Username<space-padding-to-40>$HASHCODE) See File

DDICJumbo patch neededsapb??
TEST_0001                               $7369F1C8ECD6FCA1C6413F07408CA281C7A85EF0

(Username<space-padding-to-40>$HASHCODE) See File

NewPassword12$$Jumbo patch neededsapg??
Cisco Pix rharris zyIIMSYjiPm0L7a6 phonehome Jumbo patch needed pix-md5 All N/A

To have JtR load and crack these, the file must have the /etc/passwd format. (For LM and NTLM hashes, the PWDUMP output format may also be used.) For example:

$ cat pw-bigcrypt 
$ cat w
$ john --wordlist=w --rules pw-bigcrypt 
Loaded 2 password hashes with 2 different salts (Traditional DES [64/64 BS MMX])
se               (user:2)
passphra         (user:1)
guesses: 2  time: 0:00:00:00 100%  c/s: 3200  trying: passphra - se
$ john --show pw-bigcrypt 

2 password hashes cracked, 0 left

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Sample password hash files

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