john-users team

Team “john-users” participates in hash cracking contests.

CMIYC: Crack Me If You Can contest by KoreLogic as a part of DEFCON conference (as a part of DerbyCon conference in 2017)

Hash Runner: by Positive Technologies as a part of PHDays conference in 2012-2015.

PCrack: by BashNinja @miketweaver as a part of SaintCon conference.

Also forum hosted their own contest several times. But we skipped it.

Contest Year Our place Our write-up / comment
CMIYC 2010 4
CMIYC 2011 3
Hash Runner 2012 4 no write-up for this contest
CMIYC 2012 2
Hash Runner 2013 1
CMIYC 2013 3
Hash Runner 2014 3
CMIYC 2014 4 no write-up for this contest
Hash Runner 2015 2
CMIYC 2015 4 no write-up for this contest yet
CMIYC 2017 3 TBD
PCrack 2017 3* #3 among online-only teams; write-up by orgs

Invitation to john-users team

Requirements to participate on john-user team:
  • You have some basic skills: file copying over ssh, basic usage of john, irc, mailing (it is ok to learn it on your own before or during the contest),
  • You'd like to use John the Ripper or other FOSS tool for hash cracking; you don't want to use non-free software for hash cracking including freeware, shareware, closed-source and so on.
  • You are a subscriber of john-users mailing list, or you were invited by a member.

The team uses a server to collaborate during the contest. So every member needs an user account there.

So if you would like to participate, send a private mail to Aleksey Cherepanov[1] with the following info:

  • who invited you, or how long you are on john-users mailing list, (or give a reason to trust you ;-) ),
  • preferred user name (only lower case letters and digits, please),
  • public ssh key (get a new key with 'ssh-keygen' command).

[1] Aleksey Cherepanov: lyosha ,at,

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