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Team “john-users” participates in hash cracking contests (aka password cracking contests). We are open to new members who would like to use FOSS hash cracking tools. See below.

There is track of our participation in contests below. Team hashcat maintains similar table of achievements.

List of contests:

  • CMIYC: Crack Me If You Can contest by KoreLogic as a part of DEFCON conference. In 2013, Pro and Street categories of participants were introduced. Categories have different sets of hashes and separate scoreboards.
  • CMIYC game: Crack Me If You Can contest by KoreLogic as a part of DerbyCon conference; it has game-like or quest-like format where cracks are parts of url with next level.
  • Hash Runner: by Positive Technologies as a part of PHDays conference in 2012-2015.
  • PCrack: aka Password CTF / Crack The Password / CrackThe.PW, @SAINTCONPCrack as a part of SaintCon conference. It has separate scoreboards for on-site and off-site (online only) teams.
  • CracktheCon: by CynoSure Prime at CypherCon 2019. It has Pro and Street categories for participation, with different hashes and scoreboards.
  • Also forum hosted their own contest several times. But we skipped it.
  • Also there were other smaller contests.
Contest Year Our place Our write-up / comment
CMIYC 2010 4
CMIYC 2011 3
Hash Runner 2012 4 no write-up for this contest
CMIYC 2012 2
Hash Runner 2013 1
CMIYC 2013 3, Pro
Hash Runner 2014 3
CMIYC 2014 4, Pro no write-up for this contest
Hash Runner 2015 2
CMIYC 2015 4, Pro no write-up for this contest
CMIYC game 2017 3
PCrack 2017 3, offsite late submission; write-up by orgs
CMIYC 2018 3, Pro
PCrack 2018 3, offsite no write-up for this contest
CMIYC game 2018 3 TBD
CracktheCon 2019 3, Pro
CMIYC 2019 3, Pro
PCrack 2019 2, offsite
CMIYC 2020 3, Pro TBD
CMIYC 2021 4, Pro TBD
CracktheCon 2022 3, Pro

Invitation to john-users team

john-users team was formed in the community of john-users mailing list and consists of enthusiasts of FOSS and of hash cracking then. So it is important for us to use only FOSS tools. We are looking for new active members who would fit into this atmosphere well. You need to be nice, active and ready to learn on your own. You don't need to be a great cracker or to have a lot of hardware. In the contests, ideas can help much more than raw hardware power.

Requirements to participate on john-user team:
  • You have some basic skills: file copying over ssh, basic usage of john, irc, mailing (it is ok to learn it on your own before or during the contest),
  • You'd like to use John the Ripper or other FOSS tool for hash cracking; you don't want to use non-free software for hash cracking including freeware, shareware, closed-source and so on.
  • You value good sportsmanship and dislike cheating.
  • You are a subscriber of john-users mailing list, or you were invited by a member.

The team uses a server to collaborate during the contest. So every member needs an user account there.

So if you would like to participate, send a private mail to Aleksey Cherepanov[1] with the following info:

  • who invited you, or how long you are on john-users mailing list, (or why you think you would fit the team well),
  • preferred user name (only lower case letters and digits, please),
  • public ssh key (get a new key with 'ssh-keygen' command).

[1] Aleksey Cherepanov: lyosha ,at,

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