John the Ripper GUI sketches

Shinnok's proposal was chosen for development. See Johnny - GUI for John the Ripper for more details.

These are JtR GUI proposals for GSoC 2011, by different authors:


Johnny is a GUI concept to John the Ripper written in C++ using the Qt framework.

Gnome Unity Gnome Unity Gnome Clearlooks Gnome Clearlooks Kde4 Plasma Kde4 Plasma Windows 7 Windows 7

Joseph Varghese

John the Ripper Working GUI

John the Ripper new GUI

John the Ripper GUI

Aleksey Cherepanov

Advanced GUI concept

Such amount of buttons is bad. Some buttons (like open, close, append) could be moved into menus while some groups (like file joining and splitting) may be done as dialogs that will occur when necessary.


Simple GUI in Python (v0.01)

Sources and binaries at the same time: external link


Simple GUI in C++ (v0.01)

Sources: Stored on this wiki, external link

Binaries: linux-x86, linux-x86 with static WxWidgets, linux-x86_64, linux-x86_64 with static WxWidgets


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