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   * {{https://​github.com/​alienjizz/​UDIF|Apple UDIF disk images}}   * {{https://​github.com/​alienjizz/​UDIF|Apple UDIF disk images}}
-===== Bitcoin Core wallet files =====+===== Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin-based altcoin ​wallet files =====
 Sample Bitcoin Core wallet files Sample Bitcoin Core wallet files
   * {{john:​sample-bitcoin-core-wallets.zip}}   * {{john:​sample-bitcoin-core-wallets.zip}}
 +Sample Bitcoin-based altcoin wallet files
 +  * {{john:​xdn_wallet.zip}} (DigitalNote [XDN] wallet using new Berkeley DB with btree version 10)
 ===== BitLocker images ===== ===== BitLocker images =====
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   * {{john:​zip_sample_files.tar}}   * {{john:​zip_sample_files.tar}}
-===== Bitcoin wallet with btree version 10 ===== 
-  * {{john:​xdn_wallet.zip}} (wallet.dat with new Berkeley DB sample) 
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