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 magnum:​M$magnum#​05f88c96df2a59fded4cc481e8d60a16 magnum:​M$magnum#​05f88c96df2a59fded4cc481e8d60a16
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 Here is the {{john:​john_test_data:​pass_gen.v.1_10.Manifest.gz|Manifest}} file, listing the changes per version. Here is the {{john:​john_test_data:​pass_gen.v.1_10.Manifest.gz|Manifest}} file, listing the changes per version.
 +__NOTE__ \\
 +//This is an older version of the pass_gen.pl code.  It is kept here, intact and fully executable, for historical purposes. ​ However, current pass_gen.pl source (and manifest file), is kept in the current Jumbo build of john.  There have been MANY new formats added to the current pass_gen.pl file, along with many new hash types (all of the sha2, gost, whirlpool, and likely more). pass_gen.pl ​ can be found in the ./run directory of john jumbo, and is several versions newer than this example. ​ The pass_gen.Manifest file is kept in the ./docs directory. ​ Updates to pass_gen.pl should be checked into the GIT tree, or simply posted to the john-dev email list, and one of the developers will get the latest changes merged into the repository code.// \\
 <code perl> <code perl>
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