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 +====== Linux kernel netconsole setup with LILO and netcat ======
 +Here's a tested combination of settings, assuming that the kernel has netconsole support compiled in (not a module):
 +In ''/​etc/​lilo.conf'',​ the section may look like:
 +        label=070.2.owl3
 +        append="​panic=10 netconsole=444@192.168.xxx.src/​eth1,​666@192.168.xxx.dst/​00:​11:​22:​33:​44:​55"​
 +Of course, proper source IP address, interface name, and destination IP address and MAC address (same Ethernet segment/​VLAN) need to be substituted.
 +On the temporary logging server, run (preferably under ''​screen''​):​
 +  nc -vul 666 | tee -a netcons-srcservername
 +Tested with OpenBSD-derived netcat that we have in [[http://​www.openwall.com/​Owl/​|Owl]].
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