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 +====== How to replace GRUB with LILO on a remote Linux server ======
 +We generally prefer to use LILO (which comes with [[http://​www.openwall.com/​Owl/​|Owl]]) rather than GRUB (a more popular choice these days) on remote Linux servers that we administer. ​ This is due to LILO's pre-reboot configuration file parsing and the "lilo -R" feature, which we rely upon for our [[reboot|remote reboots]].
 +On many occasions, we're given a server with GRUB pre-installed,​ and we want to replace GRUB with LILO (usually along with replacing the system with Owl).  Unfortunately,​ there'​s some risk that we make an error in the LILO configuration,​ so the server will fail to come back up, and GRUB will no longer be there too.
 +Luckily, there'​s a way to add a fallback to GRUB from LILO.  Simply copy GRUB's MBR to a partition'​s boot sector:
 +  dd if=/dev/sda of=/​dev/​sda1 bs=512 count=1
 +Then specify the fallback to GRUB in ''/​etc/​lilo.conf''​ like this:
 +        label=grub
 +In fact, make the fallback the default - either by listing the above section first (before any ''​image''​ sections) or by specifying ''​default=grub''​. ​ Then activate the new "LILO native"​ label (one that uses ''​image''​) with ''​lilo -R''​ (giving the label name as that command'​s argument) - and reboot.
 +If everything goes well, the "LILO native"​ label will boot up successfully. ​ If not, the next reboot will result in a fallback to GRUB (via LILO). ​ In order to automate this next reboot on some possible failures, specify ''​append="​panic=10"''​ or ''​addappend="​panic=10"''​ (as appropriate) on the "LILO native"​ target.
 +The above has been tested with migration from CentOS 5.5 (GRUB) to Owl 3.0 (LILO).
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