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 This is how the [[http://​oss-security.openwall.org/​wiki/​mailing-lists/​oss-security|oss-security mailing list]] is configured. This is how the [[http://​oss-security.openwall.org/​wiki/​mailing-lists/​oss-security|oss-security mailing list]] is configured.
 +===== Safely re-configuring ezmlm-idx lists =====
 +It is advisable to make a copy of the entire list directory prior to applying changes, and do a recursive ''​diff''​ thereafter to make sure there are no unexpected changes (and to consider and deal with such changes if there are any).  Possible causes for unexpected changes are: the ''​config''​ file being out of sync with the actual list configuration,​ custom changes to list configuration that could not be represented in the ''​config''​ file, and changes to ezmlm-idx'​s global defaults since the list was created or re-configured the last time.
 +Illustrated with a specific example:
 +cp -a owl-users/ nobackup/​owl-users.prev
 +ezmlm-make -+ ~/​owl-users/​
 +diff -ur nobackup/​owl-users.prev/​ owl-users/ | less
 +# Oops, the trailing slash is seen as a change
 +ezmlm-make -+ ~/owl-users
 +diff -ur nobackup/​owl-users.prev/​ owl-users/ | less
 +# OK, no unexpected changes - just the "​|./​filmail"​ line is lost and the list
 +# owner address is obfuscated (a recent improvement to the global defaults).
 +ezmlm-make -+ -mu ~/owl-users
 +# OK, no extra changes (the list was already configured that way)
 +vi owl-users/​editor
 +# Re-introduced "​|./​filmail"​ (invocation of our spam filter) as the first line,
 +# edited the ezmlm-gate line as described above.
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