Johnny - GUI for John the Ripper


Johnny is a GUI for John the Ripper. It was proposed by Shinnok. You could look onto original version on John the Ripper GUI sketches page.

Release 1.1

After small fixes actual version is 1.1.3.

Binaries 1.1

Johnny does not have shortcuts for system menu yet. So type 'johnny' in your terminal to start Johnny.

Deb packages (suitable for Debian, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and so on):

Rpm packages (suitable for Fedora, Mageia, OpenSUSE):

Generic tarball (manual installation or no installation):

Windows EXE packages (suitable for 64-bit Windows OS's):


Packages handle dependencies well. But if you use tarball or have problems with rpm following may be helpful.

You need Qt4 library (specifically to use Johnny. On Debian-like systems it could be obtained through libqtgui4 package. If you do not have such try to look onto libqt4-x11 or qt-x11 or like packages. All Qt packages should be of version 4.6 or newer.

Rpm does not insist on version of Qt library so if you have problems with running Johnny try to upgrade your Qt library to 4.6 or higher.

Also you need John the Ripper. 'john' package on all systems is for you.

Problems and solutions

  1. If you use “su” and get warnings you do not have without it then try “su -” (i.e. add ”-” or ”-l” or ”–login” option to your “su” invocation).
  2. If you use “su” and Johnny crashes (segfaults) with weird messages about DBUS, D-BUS, session, daemons, connection and/or communication then see point above.
  3. If you use OpenSUSE and Johnny does not want to use /usr/bin/john then you should note that your user does not have execution permission on this file. So install John the Ripper under your user. (There are other solutions but they are not so reliable.)

Sources 1.1

Via wiki: johnny1.1.3.tar.gz

Via git:

  git clone -b release1.1

Description 1.1

This Johnny release is oriented onto core john. It was tested with john 1.7.9. Though all versions should work, even jumbo. All basic things work well:

  1. export of cracked passwords through clipboard,
  2. export works with office suits (tested with LibreOffice Calc),
  3. user could start, pause and resume attack (though only one session is allowed globally),
  4. all attack related options work,
  5. all input file formats are supported (pure hashes, pwdump, passwd, mixed),
  6. “smart” default options,
  7. accurate output of cracked passwords,
  8. smooth work, i.e. no lags,
  9. config is stored in .conf file (~/.john/johnny.conf),
  10. nice error messages and other user friendly things,
  11. many minor fixes to polish ui.

Available binaries are listed above.

Build from sources

You could download and unpack tarball or use git:

  git clone -b release1.1

Then build and run (no installation required):

  cd johnny # or cd johnny1.1.3
  make && ./johnny

'make install' way of installation was not tested but you could install Johnny manually. Just copy file 'johnny' to whatever place you want (probably you'd like to put it in PATH). So do something like following being root:

  cp johnny /usr/bin/johnny # as root

Release 1

The first release is prepared to take more opinions from real users. This release includes all things from development release plus nice tabbed panel for mode selection and some additional clean-ups. Basic functionality is supposed to work: password could be loaded from file and cracked with different options.

What do you think? Your opinion is very welcome!

You could download and unpack tarball or use git:

  git clone -b release1

Then build and run (no installation required):

  cd johnny
  make && ./johnny

You could affect decisions about GSoC 2012. Please tell us your suggestions!

Development release

To review current state and make new decisions for GSoC 2012 here is cleaned up version (that has all not implemented features not available).

  1. Download tarball and unpack it,
    • Or clone using git,
  2. Enter directory,
  3. Build and run,
  4. Review and post your suggestions on john-dev list (subsribe here).
    • You are welcome!

For instance,

git clone -b gsoc2012review
cd johnny
qmake && make && ./johnny

Current state

Johnny is in development. Development was started as part of Summer of Security 2011 by Aleksey Cherepanov while Shinnok became a mentor for Aleksey.


Source code is available through git:

git clone git://

Links to other downloads are spread over this page.


Prebuilt binaries are available for testing.

Built from version of commit 6ae97db95fa989dca55aaef319a2839763aa018d x86_64-gnome x86_64-kde x86-gnome x86-kde (all was built on x86 and x86_64 (aka Amd64) Debian Squeeze (Stable) machines with KDE and GNOME respectively)


There are few screenshots here. They are done primarily to show differences from original version.

Aleksey Cherepanov propose to name screenshots as
johnny_<repo url with slashes replaced by underscores>_<git commmit name>.<format>
johnny_<repo url with slashes replaced by underscores>_<git commit name>_<screenshot number>.<format>
if there are more than one screenshot for certain commit.

So if someone wants to build exactly this version of Johnny he can do following:
git clone <repo url>
cd johnny
git checkout <git commit name>

Options page after redesign seems to be overloadedOptions page after redesign seems to be overloaded

Password column is added Password column was added. While user and hash column are filled from passwd file, password is filled from output of 'john -show'

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