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Johnny is the cross-platform Open Source GUI frontend for the popular password cracker John the Ripper. It was originally proposed and designed by Shinnok in draft, version 1.0 implementation was done by Aleksey Cherepanov as part of GSoC 2012 and taken further by Mathieu Laprise as of GSoC 2015.

Johnny's aim is to automate and simplify the password cracking routine with the help of the tremendously versatile and robust John the Ripper, as well as add extra functionality on top of it, specific to Desktop and GUI paradigms, like improved hash and password workflow, multiple attacks and session management, easily define complex attack rules, visual feedback and statistics, all of it on top of the immense capabilities and features offered by both JtR core/proper as well as jumbo.

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  1. user could start, pause and resume attack (though only one session is allowed globally),
  2. all attack related options work,
  3. all input file formats are supported (pure hashes, pwdump, passwd, mixed),
  4. ability to resume any previously started session via session history,
  5. suggest the format of each hashes,
  6. try lucky guesses with password guessing feature,
  7. “smart” default options,
  8. accurate output of cracked passwords,
  9. config is stored in .conf file (~/.john/johnny.conf),
  10. nice error messages and other user friendly things,
  11. export of cracked passwords through clipboard,
  12. export works with office suits (tested with LibreOffice Calc),
  13. available in english and french,
  14. allows you to set environment variables for each session directly in Johnny

Available binaries are listed below.

Binary redistributables

The current version is 2.0.

Binaries 2.0 (CURRENT)

- Windows :

- OS X :

- Linux : binaries are not provided, you should build the software from source (see INSTALL and Sources section).

Binaries 1.1 (OLD)

Johnny does not have shortcuts for system menu yet. So type 'johnny' in your terminal to start Johnny.

Deb packages (suitable for Debian, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and so on):

Rpm packages (suitable for Fedora, Mageia, OpenSUSE):

Generic tarball (manual installation or no installation):


Johnny is hosted at Github.

For building from source instructions, see INSTALL.

Getting started is as easy as:

Official version 2.0 source:

Via direct-download:

Via git:

  1) git clone && cd johnny
  2) git checkout v2.0

Via direct-download:

Via git:

  1) git clone && cd johnny

$more README # For getting your feet wet

Current state

Johnny is in development. Development was started as part of Summer of Security 2011 by Aleksey Cherepanov while Shinnok became a mentor for Aleksey. It has been developed further more in Google Summer of Code 2015 by Mathieu Laprise and Shinnok.

We welcome any new contributor to github.

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