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John the Ripper CGMiner Integration

John the Ripper can check if there are running a CGMiner instance and pause to mine in those GPUs that are going to be used in a cracking session. When John the Ripper ends, the paused GPUs will start again to mine.

Furthermore you can set John the Ripper to start a new CGMiner Instance when the cracking session ends if there are not any other CGMiner instance.



In order to build it, you need to clone the LordRafa's git repository:

git clone

after you have to go inside of src folder:

cd JohnTheRipper/src

change to bleeding-jumbo branch:

git checkout bleeding-jumbo

and compile the code with GPU support:

make linux-x86-64-gpu

Pause CGMiner GPUs

  1. You need to be sure that you start the CGMiner instance with the options:
    --api-listen --api-allow W: --api-port PORT
  2. Set the CGMiner API port in john.conf file:
    APIPort=PORT # PORT must be equal to CGMiner API port.

Start a CGMiner Instance After JtR Ends

  1. Set the option AfterEnd and AfterEndOptions in john.conf file.
    AfterEnd=1 # 1 - to enable Mine After End
               # 0 - to disable Mine After End
    AfterEndOptions= # CGMiner instance parameters.

The new CGMiner instance will be created with the parameters:

--api-listen --api-allow W: