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-====== Running ​Owl under VirtualBox OSE ====== +This page has [[Owl/VirtualBox-OSE|moved]].
-In order to run Owl under VirtualBox OSE you should enable '​Physical Address Extension'​ (PAE).  +
- +
-===== Error ===== +
-If this option is not enabled you will get an error like this: +
- +
-''​Unknown interrupt or fault at EIP 00000060 c09671f5 000071f4''​ +
- +
-===== To enable ===== +
-Select '​Machine->​Settings'​ from the menu (or: CTRL+S). Then select '​System',​ then the '​Processor'​ tab. Finally, check/click '​Enable PAE/​NX'​ and click '​OK'​.+
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