john-users team

Team “john-users” participates in hash cracking contests.

CMIYC: Crack Me If You Can contest by KoreLogic as a part of DEFCON conference

Hash Runner: by Positive Technologies as a part of PHDays conference

Contest Year Our place Our write-up
CMIYC 2010 4
CMIYC 2011 3
Hash Runner 2012 4 no write-up for this contest
CMIYC 2012 2
Hash Runner 2013 1
CMIYC 2013 3
Hash Runner 2014 3
CMIYC 2014 4 no write-up for this contest
Hash Runner 2015 2
CMIYC 2015 4 no write-up for this contest yet

Invitation to john-users team

Requirements to participate on john-user team:

The team uses a server to collaborate during the contest. So every member needs an user account there.

So if you would like to participate send a private mail to Aleksey Cherepanov[1] with 2 following things:

[1] Aleksey Cherepanov: lyosha ,at,